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"Easy going cycling holidays"

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Alacant – València along the coast

Individual single tour | 8 days - 7 nights | Approx. 230 - 260 km

Welcome to this magnificent tour along the Costa Blanca, this is an idyllic place to travel by bike where the sun and beach landscapes join with the Alicante mountains to create a fantastic contrast in scenery. You will visit the most picturesque towns on the mediterranean coast and its seafront with the beautiful terraces close to the beach where you will be able to try the traditional foods of the area.

Desde 665 €
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From the Garrotxa to the Costa Brava (7 days)

individual cycle tour| 7 days / 6 nights

This bike trip offers you a panoramic view of all the Girona’s region: Down from the Pyrenees, across the Garrotxa Region to the major city, Girona, and to the Costa Brava. Then, you will bike north near the coast and visiting many beaches and sleeping in a coastal villages. The tour ends in Figueres city, in the Empordà region.

From 595 €

From Xativa to València (4 days)

Individual cycle tour| 4 days / 3 nights

We enter the lush plain of orange groves and market gardens known as la huerta valenciana. We pedal next to the River Xúquer and make our way to the natural reserve known as Parque Natural de la Albufera…

288 €

Olive groves, vineyards and orange groves of Valencia (8 days)

Individual cycle tour| 8 days / 7 nights

We’ll come across towns and villages in the Benicadell valley as we enjoy magnificent views, Roman and Arab remnants of buildings, archaeological sites, castles…

From 687 €

The best of Valencian region (7 days)

Individual cycle tour| 7 days / 6 nights

There is a diversity of settings, experiences, towns, villages and landscapes. This is what we’ll find in a route the weaves together the contrasts of the rugged mountainous terrain of the interior with that of the coastal plains of the Mediterranean.

From 645 €

From Biar to Xàtiva (6 days)

Individual cycle tour| 6 days / 5 nights

We’ll be delighted by fabulous landscapes, sometimes referred to as the Tuscany of Valencia; and last but not least, we’ll savour local wines and wholesome locally-made foodstuffs

From 488 €

Valencia, the land of contrasts (8 days)

individual cycle tour| 8 days / 7 nights

We have selected places steeped in history, exposure to artisan traditions, small rural enclaves, diversity of landscapes and of course the local folk that will make your trip a warm and memorable experience…

From 687 € (New seasonal promo 10% off in base price)

Bicycle routes, discover the bicycle tour

Cycle tourism is an increasingly fashionable trend. It allows you to get to know a country in a completely different way to the traditional one and to immerse yourself in its essence while you exercise and you get in touch with people.

Spain, for example, is a great destination for bike routes, especially in the Valencia area. This part of the country has a privileged climate on its coast that means that practically all year round you can go on bicycle tours and enjoy the richness of its landscapes.

The routes through Valencia and the routes through Alicante pass through very diverse places and allow you to know both the area of ​​the interior of the region and its coastal area, very famous for being one of the most important tourist points nationally and also European.

Discover the rich Valencian vegetable garden

The Valencian orchard is famous for its great wealth of local products. They emphasize on all of them the oranges, as you well know. The oranges from Valencia are considered the best and the bicycle routes through the orange groves are an experience for the senses both when we find the trees in bloom and when we can enjoy the smell of the ripening fruit. Routes such as olive trees, vineyards and oranges from Valencia discover these landscapes.

Also noteworthy is La Albufera, a Natural Park famous for its wetlands where rice plantations are frequently found, with which the world-famous Valencian paellas are cooked. Many of the bike routes through Spain that have Valencia as a protagonist take place partially in this area of ​​La Albufera, but the Valencia route and the Albufera Natural Park stand out above all.

Discover the routes of the Greenways

In Spain there is a network of pedestrian routes or cyclists that are called “Vías Verdes” or Greenways. Many times they pass through very quiet and little traveled natural places. In the Mediterranean there are several of these Greenways, through which runs the route called precisely Greenways of the Mediterranean and allows you to make a fantastic journey from the interior of Valencia to the coast.

The wide variety of bike routes we offer for cyclotouring trips in Spain allow you to choose between different routes and also between different levels of difficulty so that everyone has a chance, from families with children to the most adventurous. The duration of the routes is also variable to adapt to the time that is counted in each trip.