We are a young company dedicated to bicycle tourism. Lazypedals provides enjoyable, comfortable and safe cycling holidays, ensuring that you have a great, fun and different experience. The idea of starting this new venture with Lazypedals came from our passion for bicycle trips and all of the pleasing aspects they facilitate the traveller: discovering new places and customs, delving into new cultures, savouring wholesome new cuisine and social interaction with the locals you meet along the way. The advantage of a bicycle trip is that you get into the humanised rhythm and pace of people themselves, integrating into what’s happening around you and in unison with the landscape, close to nature. We have experienced all these sensations on the trips we have made throughout Spain and various parts of Europe including England, Ireland, Switzerland Germany and the Czech Republic.

What do we do?

We organize bicycle tours that include accommodation of course. Our bicycles are totally equipped and we take care of the transport of your luggage. All of the tours have been carefully designed and tested by us. We have selected itineraries best-suited to a congenial cycling experience and that take in interesting, scenic or unusual places to visit.