Cycling trips in Europe

The first time that someone hears about cycling tours, you should think about someone with a bicycle full of junk that travels on their own, traveling through a specific area of a country. But when they discover that there is a way to travel in a much more organized, comfortable and attractive bike they begin to bet on discovering it.

To know the towns in which the real people live and not only the big cities with their tourist routes traced; eating in a restaurant that does not appear in any guide but in which you will enjoy the most authentic flavor of the country or chat with people to tell you the stories of the places you visit are just some of the things that can be do when these trips are carried out.

The trips by bicycle in Spain and especially in the areas of Alicante and Valencia allow to live all these experiences and enjoy magical places, some well known and others that are still to be discovered.

Discover why cycling in Spain, especially in Valencia and Alicante

When someone think in Valencia, people always have their orchards and the richness of their soils in mind. That’s why many of the bike routes in this region include protected areas in which you can visit fields of orange trees or orchards of all kinds. But, in addition, you can also know their rice fields, very different from all the others and that usually impress travelers by their unique characteristics.

In the midst of all these natural spaces there is also a place for history, like the one that encloses the city of Valencia itself, a place that is worth visiting and that many travelers of bike routes choose as the end point of their routes in order to prolong their Stay one more day and get to know her more thoroughly.

Alicante is a province in which you can find cities as well known and as different as Alicante or Altea. These contrasts are the ones that make this area of ​​Spain special, where you can enjoy incredible inland landscapes but also beautiful beaches on the coast. And all through bike routes very easy to do because they can be traced in quite flat and accessible places, such as

At times, the traveler feels that time has stopped and discover towns that seem to have been immersed in the time of the reconquest, with clear influences of that time.