To provide our clients with the most culturally rich, enjoyable and varied cycling tour of this area, enabling them to experience the “real” Spain, combined with the best possible value for money and the most personal service. The natural corollary of our approach is the promotion of environmental awareness and respect, and of cycling as responsible tourism, combined with support for rural living/businesses in our local area.


We genuinely believe that cycling is one of the most interesting, healthy and environmentally responsible ways in which to explore new places. Our company provides the opportunity to get to know local people and to invest money locally in small local shops, accommodation, restaurants, etc.

We are selling and operating tours almost exclusively in rural areas in order to support small local business, We want to encourage local councils to improve and promote the cycle paths which pass through their small communities. This helps the locals to expand their rural, family businesses. As natives of Valencia Province we know the area extremely well. To ensure the fullest possible local experience we recommend specific visits related to gastronomy, culture, history, ecology and shops which offer local products, especially handmade goods.

In order to achieve this and to ensure continuous improvement, we supply feedback forms at the beginning of each tour. We undertake to act on our clients’ comments.

Every booking receives a surprise gift of a natural cotton bag containing some local confectionery.

We aim, at all times, to offer a very personal service to each and every client, in particular, if they encounter any kind of problem.

We provide e-bikes for those who prefer/need them and, in places, we offer alternative routes for different levels of fitness.

We speak English, Spanish, Valencian and French languages.


We are a small company, operating tours since 2015. Our aim is to expand in order to be able to create more local employment. This year we have created one permanent job and one part-time job so now we are 3 people. In high season we also employee some local guides. Our aim for next year is to create another full-time job whenever possible. We obtain everything we need (bikes, accessories, computers, etc.) from local suppliers. When we need to change bikes we will donate the old ones to a local NGO.

We are members of “Valencia Cicloturismo”. This is an association which aims to encourage councils to improve and make available old railway routes for cyclists. For this we pay an annual membership fee.


We have a specific garage for our bikes where we recycle everything: tyres, brakes, cables, etc. We use ecological products in order to clean them.

Our tours go through natural parks where there is native vegetation and a variety of wild life. We supply travel documents which advise our clients how to respect the local ecology. We remind them of the importance of preserving our wild, local areas for everyone and of what a precious resource water is.

Our pre-trip information is all given by email in order to save paper. Currently we are changing from providing tour information on sheets of paper to creating a small booklet. This use far less paper.

We use recycled printer cartridges and we recycle any leftover printed material.

Unlike other tour companies, in order to minimize vehicle emissions, we begin all of our tours on the same day of the week. This drastically reduces the number of van miles travelled each week in order to transfer clients’ luggage from one overnight stop to the next.


We give our clients an information booklet which explains different aspects of our region: the local history, gastronomy, agriculture, landscape and so on.

  • We encourage clients to visit historic sites such as monasteries, ancient Iberian towns, castles, etc. where there are free guided tours.

We believe that this provides them with deeper insight into the Valencian way of life and its roots rather than just offering them a superficial cycling tour.

  • On our tours our clients have the opportunity to experience different landscapes, agriculture and ecology: rice fields, vineyards, orange groves, etc. We encourage them to visit local businesses, for example wine cellars, orange juice tasting, wine tasting, artisan shops, artisan cheese makers, etc.

In these local businesses clients can taste products and buy them.

We also recommend that they take a boat trip on the Albufera Natural Lake in order to support the local boatmen. Group tours actually include one of these boat tours plus several wine tastings.

  • On the subject of gastronomy we have a great deal to offer. We encourage people to try our traditional dishes. We recommend local restaurants where clients can enjoy local Mediterranean foods.

Because the tours encompass such a variety of landscapes, clients can experience the food and drink indigenous to each area, for example, in the area of inland vineyards and orchards they can sample the meats, fruits, nuts and wines to be found here. Close to the coast there is an abundance of fish and sea food and around the Albufera rice paddies there are many different, delicious rice dishes.

  • Of course, the accommodation that we use consists of small rural houses (Casas Rurales) and family-run hotels. This keeps the countryside alive, enabling people to live and work in remote areas whilst preserving and improving rural properties.
  • 1. How do I book my trip?

    • Once you have received confirmation of your request by email, you will have 3 days to make a deposit of 10% of the total price of the trip by way of a bank transfer to:
      - Bank account no: 3159 0059 51 2396814028
      - Currency: Euros
      - IBAN: ES75
      - BIC: BCOEESMM159
      Once you have paid, it is essential that you send us a (scanned) copy of the bank transfer slip to the following email: info@lazypedals.com
      Your booking cannot be confirmed until we have received the said deposit.
    • The remaining 90% shall be paid in full no later than 30 days before commencing the trip.
    • Where bookings are made less than 30 days before the start of your holiday, full payment must be made when booking
    • The client shall be liable for any charges or costs incurred in the bank transfer or currency exchange operation.
    • The price includes VAT.
  • 2. Cancellations

    - If you decide to cancel your trip, you must notify us by email ASAP.

    The following cancellation penalty scale shall be applied and charged:

    - Between 29 & 15 days before trip, the client shall pay 40%.

    - Between 14 & 8 days before trip, the client shall pay 80%.

    - Less than 8 days notice, the client shall pay 100% of the total price.

  • 3. What is included?

    • • Accommodation
    • • Breakfast buffet style or substantial.
    • • Detailed tour documentation: maps of the tour, route description, points of interest (English and Spanish).
    • • Local assistance from call 9h to 18h (Monday to Sunday). Although puncture repair is excluded
    • • Luggage transfer service between your accommodations
    • • Rental bike and ancillary equipment
  • 4. Transport of luggage from hotel to hotel

    We will take care of your luggage between different rent accommodation places (the luggage will be no more than one large suitcase and one small case per person). We’ll pick up your luggage after 9 a.m. and guarantee it will be delivered to the next place of accommodation by 4p.m.
  • 5. Accommodation

    For all tours, we have endeavoured to offer the highest comfort possible and hence we have carefully selected accommodation options.

    These include: Paradores nacionales (lodging in historic buildings), rural hotels 2*/3*/4*, charming rural houses or farmsteads and high-grade B&Bs.

  • 6. Is it possible to book an extra night?

    Yes, an additional night can be booked subject to availability on different routes.
  • 7. What information will I be given?

    On the first day you’ll be supplied with all of the information you’ll need to complete the route:

    - Maps to a scale of 1:50.000 and detailed maps to direct you the places where we’ll be spending each night.

    - Route notes with kilometres pin-pointed and location references.

    - A day by day guide-booklet describing the route.

    - A guide to the natural resourses, cultural artefacts and gastronomic delights of the places we’ll discover on our route.

    All of the information will be in English and Spanish.

  • 8. Travelling with kids.

    It goes without saying that we have bicycles for children and ones with kiddie seats bearing a 25 kg load. We have tours that are ideal for adults travelling with children.


    - Children under 5 sharing a room with 2 adults have a discount of 80%.

    - Children under 12 sharing a room with 2 adults have a discount of 40%.

    - Children under 15 sharing a room with 2 adults have a discount of 25%.

  • 9. How to fly into Valencia or Alicante?

    These two cities are connected with many European cities as well as the rest of Spain. The airports in both cities are quite close to the centre and are serviced by ample public transport.

    Countries and cities with flights to Alicante:

    Countries and cities with flights to Valencia:

  • 10. How to get there

    How to get to Biar

    • If you fly to Alicante:
      By Train: Alicante rail station to Villena rail station where, we will pick you up. (approx. 45 min. and 10 € per person)
    • You can check the timetables and prices http://bit.ly/1xAc50v
    • If You Fly To València:
      By Train: València Nord Rail Station to Villena rail station where, we will pick you up. (1h. 15m. and 15€ per person)
      You can check the timetables and prices http://bit.ly/1xAc50v

    How to get to Sax

    • If you fly to Alicante:
      By Train: Alicante rail station either to Sax rail station If there is a long delay for the Sax train you can go to Villena railway station where, we can pick you up (approx. 45min. and 10 € per person)
      By bus: Timetable Alicante bus station – Sax (approx. 1h. 15m.) http://bit.ly/1xAc50v
    • If You Fly To València:
      By Train: València Rail Station to Villena rail station where, we will pick you up. (approx. 1h. 15min. and 15 € per person)
      You can check the timetables and prices http://bit.ly/1xAc50v

    How to get Xàtiva

    • If you fly to Alicante:
      By Train: Alicante rail station to Xàtiva (approx. 1h. 15. and 15€ per person)
    • You can check the timetables and prices http://bit.ly/1xAc50v
    • If You Fly To València:
      By Train: Valencia Rail Station to Xàtiva rail station (approx. 55min. and 5€ per person).
      You can check the timetables and prices http://bit.ly/1xAc50v
  • 11. At what times and how do the tours start?

    Tours normally commence between 9 and 11 a.m. We’ll come to the hotel where you are lodged and from which the tour departs. You will be welcomed by us and be issued with maps, bicycles and the gear you’ll need (helmets, panniers, tool/puncture repair kit, speedometer, etc.).
  • 12. Degree of difficulty of the tours

    The routes have been designed to take advantage, as far as possible, of downhill slopes along valleys that start in the interior and wind their way towards coastal plains and the sea. The routes hence do not demand a high level of fitness; notwithstanding this, we have different alternatives that can either shorten or lengthen a day’s ride.

    5 levels of difficulty have been devised:

    - Level 1: Routes on generally flat terrain including easy downhill rides on smooth slopes. Ideal for bike riders of all ages.

    - Level 2: Routes on mostly flat terrain but with some short stretches involving easy uphill pedalling on smooth slopes. Suitable for most riders and ages.

    - Level 3: Routes that are longer and which contain some short stretches involving uphill pedalling of low to moderate difficulty. These routes are recommended for people who may not be regular cyclists but which nonetheless have an acceptable level of physical fitness.

    - Level 4: This level differs from the preceding one in that it contains longer stretches in kilometres. It is recommended for regular cyclists or people with a quite good level of fitness.

    - Level 5: these are difficult routes because they are longer distances. They are also quite hilly. I only recommend this level to you if you are a cyclist with an excellent level of fitness.

  • 13. What is the average daily distance?

    This depends on the tour you choose; the easiest involve a ride of between 15 and 45 km per day and the most difficult involve a day’s ride of between 30 and 65 km. Most rides require pedalling reasonably slowly for between 3 and 5 hours (at an average speed of 10 to 12km/h).
  • 14. Who do I call in case of an emergency?

    We have a telephone available for emergencies; should one occur, we’ll evaluate the circumstances and resolve the problem in the best way possible.
  • 15. What kinds of bicycles are used?

    We use hybrid aluminium bicycles which are fully-equipped (complete with anti-puncture tyres, tool/puncture repair kit, speedometer, one pannier per bike and one map-holder per pair of cyclists. We can also arrange for electric bicycles upon request.
  • 16. Insurance

    Our prices do not include accident insurance. We highly recommend that you take out personal accident insurance.